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My battle with “Natural Flavour”


I am still in the land of my parents house on holiday. It’s a place of comfort food, moms cooking, and an excuse to eat more junk food. Ever since finding out that some foods poison me this trip home has become a bit more difficult culinary wise for myself and everyone else in the house. My father accidentally puts the peanut butter in front of me (who can blame him, I ate it for 27 yrs). My mom goes to a bakery to get me special soy free bread and all labels must be read. In the society that we live in now most things come from a can or are pre-made and frozen.

The ingredient I find that stumbles my family the most is “Natural Flavour”….Its natural right…..

But natural what?

Natural sunflower? Natural bananas? Natural fossil fuel?

What is it?

I even find it on a lot of my tea labels ( I love my tea!)

So my quest in to find out as much as I can about this natural flavour.


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