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My battle with “Natural Flavour”


I am still in the land of my parents house on holiday. It’s a place of comfort food, moms cooking, and an excuse to eat more junk food. Ever since finding out that some foods poison me this trip home has become a bit more difficult culinary wise for myself and everyone else in the house. My father accidentally puts the peanut butter in front of me (who can blame him, I ate it for 27 yrs). My mom goes to a bakery to get me special soy free bread and all labels must be read. In the society that we live in now most things come from a can or are pre-made and frozen.

The ingredient I find that stumbles my family the most is “Natural Flavour”….Its natural right…..

But natural what?

Natural sunflower? Natural bananas? Natural fossil fuel?

What is it?

I even find it on a lot of my tea labels ( I love my tea!)

So my quest in to find out as much as I can about this natural flavour.


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It’s easier when I am accountable…

Yesterday was Day 1! It was very successful. The only thing that I consumed that was poison was a sour dough bread with half the dairy.

The day began with the toast and some homemade Jam! Mmmmmm! But still not the most nourishing breakfast. You can never turn down Moms homemade Jam though!!!

My Fiance, Mom and I went to scout out wedding locations. After my breakfast of toast and Jam I definitely didn’t have enough energy. I crashed around 1pm but trucked on. We stopped at a restaurant at a ranch that we were looking at for the nuptials.

We sat down at the table and I ordered water. Iced tea, Pop, even most Juices sold at restaurants are dealth to me.


 At this moment….the moment of truth…Would I cave on my first day blogging about eating right and losing weight???

I was fortunate enough that the first item on the menu, dry ribs, was smothered in Soy sauce (why? Ewwww). My brain flashed to the moments of laboured breathing and a heavy head and I chose not to eat any food from the menu!   


I survived the next two hours until we arrived home where I snacked on snow peas and grapes (Ummmm)!


For dinner we ate BBQ ribs with a home made from scratch BBQ sauce (look for it one day in your local sauce isle as I become a whole healthy food super hero!) with baked potato topped with only salt and pepper, and of course corn on the Cobb with a tiny dash of salt on one side.


It was great! I didn’t need the butter, the flavour of the food itself was all I needed.


Now this enjoyment I have of the foods own flavour was not always so. Please remember I was already “on the wagon” once before which is when I learned to appreciate this flavour. You will too! Once you break the addiction!


You can do it.


I can do it……






Oh yea and I didn’t even crave desert!  Woohoooo!

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