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Well Fuck, it’s 2013!

I guess I got a little distracted living life before the Mayans came back to destroy it. Now that I’m picking up the pieces from my “the world’s going to end” lifestyle (so kidding) I can start this again. I seem to wander back to this every time I fall of the whole food healthy eating wagon.


Last year I went to far, became underweight. Now I’ve gained weight back and am sitting at my laptop with a beer having just finished some Mozza sticks and fries. SO BAD!


I remember a way my friend described the bad fat that comes along with these foods. He said “They are all crinkly, it’s like eating a bunch of little crinkles that are going to plug everything up and make everything sick”

I am imagining little crinkly fires floating in my body right now.

This for some reason makes me thing of an argument I had at Christmas. I made ribs for Xmas eve dinner with Salad. I made everything from scratch as much a possible…even the salad dressing. We all got full fast. I was surprised. My sister said “You get fuller faster when you eat whole foods” But I’ve never found this to be true for me.  I may stay sustained longer as long as it’s balanced with Carbs, Fat and Protein but I’ve never found I get full fast from Veggies or fruit. I always found I felt fuller faster off of junk, I just felt hungry again faster too.


Is this just me or do you fell this way too?


If I knew how to add a poll I would. So my next post, why do I feel this way when I eat, do others and how the hell do I make a poll??


Happy Eating




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What made it all start…….

I created this blog a few weeks ago with the intention to start then. However, I felt that I should be done with all the issues that we  ( no not we right?) deal with before I could start blogging about it.


Issues!!! what issues????


I am talking about food. The food addictions that many people have. Most people don’t admit to having such a struggle and hide their food addictions. The only problem is often our waist lines give our secret away.

This was me (is me). My weight fluctuating, my diet failing at 2am with the help of the Mcdrive-thru and the soothing properties of grease, cream, and salt.  The aforementioned three culprits are my poisons. What are yours?


My sea-saw food life came to a screeching halt when I starting getting sick, very sick. I could hardly walk two blocks. I could hardly breath. My ear had been plugged for over three months and I was constantly congested. After x-rays and too many doses of anti-biotics I was sent to an ear specialist. During my conversation with this man (as he froze the inside of my nose) I mentioned that I was sensitive when I ate nuts (itchy chest and mouth). So he did a series of allergy tests on my arm.


Then the truth came out. I was allergic…to everything. Ok not really, but it sure feels like it.


My allergies include; Dairy, Soy, Peanuts, Nuts and Raw Tomatoes.

If you start reading labels you will see that soy is in everything. This made my late night runs, my ice cream for dinner…all my bad habits disappear. I am allergic to all of them.

When I started only eating whole foods that don’t include any of my death foods I lost 25 lbs in one month. Then it leveled off as my body became the shape I am meant to be.



Since then though, like most addicts I have fallen off the back of my health food semi-truck as it barrels down the highway at 100kms/hr.

I live between bliss and hell. In a constant battle betweencraving  my death food (27 yrs of habit) and feeling horrible after (I should have bought stock’s in anti-histamines), and the heavenly energy and superb feeling I have when I just eat properly.


So after that long introduction…..the purpose of this blog….


I share your pain and I am going to document my journey and hopefully become somewhat accountable for my hand to mouth actions.

Good bye deep fried tofu, Hello baked yams!

Thank you,


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