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Well Fuck, it’s 2013!

I guess I got a little distracted living life before the Mayans came back to destroy it. Now that I’m picking up the pieces from my “the world’s going to end” lifestyle (so kidding) I can start this again. I seem to wander back to this every time I fall of the whole food healthy eating wagon.


Last year I went to far, became underweight. Now I’ve gained weight back and am sitting at my laptop with a beer having just finished some Mozza sticks and fries. SO BAD!


I remember a way my friend described the bad fat that comes along with these foods. He said “They are all crinkly, it’s like eating a bunch of little crinkles that are going to plug everything up and make everything sick”

I am imagining little crinkly fires floating in my body right now.

This for some reason makes me thing of an argument I had at Christmas. I made ribs for Xmas eve dinner with Salad. I made everything from scratch as much a possible…even the salad dressing. We all got full fast. I was surprised. My sister said “You get fuller faster when you eat whole foods” But I’ve never found this to be true for me.  I may stay sustained longer as long as it’s balanced with Carbs, Fat and Protein but I’ve never found I get full fast from Veggies or fruit. I always found I felt fuller faster off of junk, I just felt hungry again faster too.


Is this just me or do you fell this way too?


If I knew how to add a poll I would. So my next post, why do I feel this way when I eat, do others and how the hell do I make a poll??


Happy Eating




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